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PVC Products

The PVC products are manufactured using best quality material and are in conformity with international quality standards. The entire assortment of products helps in stopping the flow of water and eliminating cracks and damages. Owing to excellent durability, adaptable to high pressure condition and corrosion resistance features, these products are highly demanded in the industry. These PVC products find extensive applications, in farms, ships, buildings and in other allied areas.

PVC Water Stopper Seal

Adhyalaxmi Industrial Rubber And Polymers Private Limited

PVC Water Stopper Seal are based on particularly formulated plasticized PVC composition. The assortment of seals is extensively used in concrete masonary construction of hydraulic structure to protect from water seepage and hydrostatic pressure. The seal can easily bear contraction or expansion of joints and take care of any displacement arising because of change in temperature or settlement of base removing danger of cracks. These seals are tested in accordance with ASTM standards, and the performance requisite of water stops will meet the Bureau of Indian Standard Specification IS : 12200/1987.

Quick Facts

  • Longer working life
  • High mechanical and tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Effective in tropical climates with weather resistance
  • Easy to weld and install
  • Lower water absorption than rubber
  • Non hazardous and fire retardant
  • Unaffected by acids, alkalis, metal salts & other chemicals
  • Can bear shocks of heavy turbines earthquakes, floods
  • Works as water tight seal and allows safe passage for water seepage
  • Can withstand high hydrostatic pressure, floods, heavy turbines and earthquakes

Usage & Applications

Agriculture: Dams, Canals,Acquaducts, Lrge Reservoirs, Irrigation Projects.
Public Utilities: Bridges, Road Embankments, Concrete Roads, Tunnels, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Municipal Hydraulic Projects, Clarifiers, Sewage Disposal Systems Neutralization Tanks.
Buildings: Basement & Foundations Floor Slabs, Terraces, Concrete Runways, Retaining Walls, Overhead & Undergrounds Water Tanks, Multistoried Buildings.
Industries: Fertilizer, Steel Effluent Treatment Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Atomic Reactors, Shipyards & Docks, Cooling Towers. It is an essential component in RCC hydraulic structures for the expansion/ contraction of construction joints, for the crumple sections (to with stand Seismic forces) and for settlement joints

Types of Water Stops

Kicker (surface) Type: Kicker This is externally placed PVC waterstop, which is used where embedded type of seal can not be used due to steel reinforcement.
Dumb-Bell Type: Dumb-Bell Type This type of PVC waterstop comes with solid circular bulb either side and is used where large movement is expected due to expansion/contraction. These are also used for settlement joints and crumple section.
Ribbed Type: Ribbed Type This is a multipurpose PVC waterstop, having ribs on surface that ensure water tightness. The seal is used for expansion/contraction joints and also for construction joints.
Replaceable Type: Replaceable Type It is a specially developed PVC waterstop, which is designed by Ganga Modernisation Authority Roorkee (U. P.)


  • Available in large range from 100 mm width to 400 mm width.

The seal is in conformation with

  • IS 12200 of 1987/15058 material specifications
  • Central Water Commissions specifications
  • NTPC and Nuclear Power Corporation specifications
  • Ontario Hydro & Corps. of Engineer (U.S. Army) specifications for sub-zero temperature conditions with special formulations

Selection of PVC Water Stops depends upon hydrostatic pressure or safe passage of seepage water.

Installation & Jointing

  • Cut the water stop using a sharp knife
  • Heat the thermostatic plate to 200 degree centigrade
  • Press the two ends of the water stops that are to be joined against the heated plate. Melt the PVC to the desired and join the two ends taking care of well alignment

Hydrostop PVC Water Stop

Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 150 4 to 5 25 For low hydro-static pressure heads, used in exp./contraction joint.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 150 6 32 For moderate pressure in RCC wall or slab, wall/slap not less thicker than 150 mm.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 150 8 to 11 40 For high Hydro-static heads, in expansion/contraction joints.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 230 4 to 5 30 For medium pressure head and wall not less thicker than 230 mm.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 230 6 36 For High heads, utility same as 230 GU
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 225 / 230 8 to 11 50 For High heads, utility same as 230 GU
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 240 8 to 10 42 For moderate to high pressure heads, used in Power Houses & other important RCC structures.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 300 6 35 Multi Ribbed and serrated, Ideal waterstop for underground structures, in expansion/contraction joints
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 300 10 52 As per IS 12200 of 1987.15058 Sketch shown, in the Dams, syphons, Aqueducts etc.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 305 9 to 12 60 A standard design of CWC for Dams & other Hydraulic structures with high pressure heads.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 150 5 20 Dumb-bell type, with double central bulb specially developed for Larson & Toubro ECC construction group
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 180 10 45 For high expansion/contraction and where differential settlement is expected
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 230 5 25 For medium pressure, utility same as 230 X A
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 230 10 40 For high expansion/contraction & settlement joint
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 230 5 25 Surface type, for expansion/contraction joints
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 300 10 50 Replaceable type with a trapezoidal central bulb protruded on the same face where semi circular solid end bulbs are projected to ensure basic grip.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 230 5 25 For construction joints, externally placed type of PVC waterstop.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 320 5 30 Surface type without crack inducer, used for construction joints, approved design of CPWD.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 320 5 30 Surface type with wooden crack inducer, but same as 320 KZ.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 150 7.5 35 Replaceable without central bulb.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 300 6 35 Multi Ribbed and serrated but without central bulb for construction joints.
Hydrostop PVC Water Stop 240 5 25 Multi Ribs and serrations. Ideal waterstop for construction joints.

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